Pictures open in gray scale

I’m working with fiji and I have a small problem
when I open a picture it opens in gray scale. a few days ago the pictures were open in their original color from the confocal microscope. What’s the problem?

Hi @ofer3,

Which file format are the files, i.e., which file extension do they have?

You can try to open the file via Plugins > Bio-Formats > Bio-Formats Importer which is the importer of the library that is used to open most microscopy formats. This should definitely open up a settings dialog in which you can set the color mode (see You can then try to re-open the file via drag and drop and see if the settings got saved (I am not entirely sure about that…).


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Thanks a lot
I’ll try to use the plugin.
The pictures are in Tiff format. when I tried to open them in another computer in the lab, they opened with color.
Thanks again

If they are “plain TIFFs” then Bio-Formats is not used for reading those per default but the built-in TIFF Reader of ImageJ.

Exactly the same file that you had tried to open on your computer? Have you (maybe unintentionally) set a Lookup Table and saved to the file? Also, could you open ImageJ/Fiji on your and the second computer and see if you have SCIFIO enabled for file opening: Edit > Options > ImageJ2 > Use SCIFIO…?