Picard stage failing

Dear All,

Have any of you had trouble acquiring multi-angle data with the picard stage?

I have acquired data from 3 angles a long time ago and it worked, but now, when I try acquiring data from 3 angles the stage controls in the OpenSPIM software stop reacting, then I get an error saying the pc can’t find the USB device. I re-started the pc several times. Each time I had to home the stage. Then it wouldn’t go to the correct positions after taking the first stack of a time lapse recording.

Time lapse recordings with z-stacks a single angle work fine.

This is the first time I tried 3 angles with a new computer running Windows 10. As far as I know there are more people using Windows 10 to run their OpenSPIM so I don’t know whether that can play a role.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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It’s possible that you need new driver software or check the connections from your USB device to the computer.

I also had problems when I used a stage with a smooth O-ring and pulley. Once I switched to a new teethed O-ring and pulley, I had consistent rotations.

Thank you for the comments. I downloaded the software from their homepage but will ask whether a more recent version is available.
We are already using a teethed belt. When I try to rotate the sample holder step by step in one direction it often rotates 3 steps correctly and then starts rocking back and forth. Sadly the person who installed it has left. I’ll try to ask her about it. Could it be that the rotation step size is not correct in the hardware configuration and that causes some kind of conflict?

I confess I relatively new to SPIM too, so I don’t have a lot of experience to draw from. There could be something off in the configuration. Perhaps the calibration between the step size in the pulley and the software controlling it is off. I’m afraid I don’t know how to fix this. Picard Industries claims their teethed pulleys can make 0.5 degree incremental steps. Is there someone that can look at the configuration file? Sorry I can’t help more!

Thank you very much for your input. I’ll keep trying.

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