Picard 4D stage Twister Accuracy

Hi all,

Just wondering if users of the Picard 4D stage have issues with accuracy of the “Twister” rotating motor? In the 4D Stages own software when I tell it to move to an angle, visually its not correct. Also in Micro-Manager it reports a completely different angle to the 4D stage software e.g. 90 degrees in 4D stage = 162 degrees in the OpenSPIM plugin, 45 degrees = 81 degrees in OpenSPIM.

So there are two issues, the accuracy of the device itself and how to get both softwares to readout the same angle. The original “drive belt” around the pulleys was damaged so i have tried various elastic bands and rubber o-rings and the variation in tension between these makes a difference to the angle so perhaps the band used really matters for accuracy?

Thanks for the help,


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