PhotoMonitoring instalation - Win 10

Hi, I would like to install the PhotoMonitoring Plugin (for NDVI of B-NIR images) on my Windows 10 Home, 64 bit machine.
I installed the ImageJ OK.
I was reading the PhotoMonitoringPluginGuide.pdf (371.4 KB) ,
but can’t find the files to update (it is from 2014).
Can you pls. advice/assist ?

Hi @dbehr,

Welcome to the forum.

Disclaimer: I’m not familiar with that plugin.

There do appear to be some directions on the second page of the pdf you linked to.

It looks like you have to:

  1. Visit this site on github .
  2. Download all the files that end in .jar
  3. Put them into your folder.
  4. Restart Fiji

Good luck, and please post back both if things work and if they dont…


Hi John,

Thx. for your reply.

I first downloaded the ImageJ latest from the Fiji site and it works OK, then followed the PDF instructions and copied the 3 JAR files and LUTs to the appropriate directories but couldn’t see the Plugin.

(I also tried its 64 bit zip in the packages, but same.)

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, as I am not familiar with ImageJ :frowning:

If you can test it and see if it works, as it has many good analysis tools.

Pls. see the attached files that I got when trying to run the ImageJ.

Exception-ImageJ.txt (1.55 KB)


I’ll try if I find time to test myself, but it may be awhile.

Idea 1

there are actually four jars

  • Photo_Monitoring
  • metadata-extractor...
  • sanselan...
  • xmpcore

maybe that’s why it doesn’t show up?

Idea 2

There may already exist different versions of some of those in your folder,
e.g. my fiji install has

  • xmpcore-5.1.2.jar
  • metadata-extractor-2.6.2.jar

You may need to remove those, but that may break other parts of Fiji



I actually started again from scratch, and installed the Fiji again, then added the 3 Jar files and then the 5 LUTs, and it works !

So maybe it was, as you suggested, an older version of Fiji.

So thx. alot.

**Regards, **

David Behr , דוד בר