Photo Quadrate Analysis for Ecological Study

Hi, I am working on crab ecology. To study their foraging ecology I want to use Photo Quadrate Analysis. Since, I am a new user not much familiar with ImageJ. Can anybody help me with :

  1. How to draw grid lines on an image (of exact match, same as in used to estimate percentage cover in a quadrate)?
  2. How to measure diameter of a crab’s burrow?
  3. How to make drawings permanent on an image (screen capture is not giving good quality image)?

This is the photo quadrate I want to analyse for particle count, area of exposure, distance between burrows, burrow opening diameter, particle size and grid lines if possible. (size is 0.25 cm2)

Hello @Gunjansoni247,

Have a look at the Grid tool, the Scale bar tool and the Line Selection tools and see if they do exactly what you need.



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Thank you so much for the information @iarganda :slight_smile: