Philips Isyntax

Are there any plans to open Philips isyntax slides in QUPATH?

You might be interested in this thread.

@Gondim No, this is not something that can be resolved on the QuPath side. It is entirely up to Philips; as far as I can tell, their proprietary SDK is not compatible with QuPath’s open source license.

You’ll need to convert the files, e.g. with

See also the QuPath docs

@Research_Associate @petebankhead Philips released more info today about isyntax . Would this change anything?

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Thanks for the link - very interesting, I didn’t know anything about it. I haven’t looked very closely, but if it is really open source-friendly then support in QuPath might become possible eventually.

Personally, I don’t have any iSyntax files and therefore it is not something I can/wish to work on myself any time soon. But if it could be supported in Bio-Formats, then QuPath (and many other projects) would benefit immediately.