Phase images



Is there a way to make cellprofiler count cells in a phase microscope image, where the cells show up as rings rather than filled objects?



Phase images are more difficult to quantify than fluorescence images. But it may be possible to count cells nonetheless provided you perform the proper pre-processing steps.

A big question is whether the rings are darker or lighter as compared to the background. If they are lighter, then you may be able to use IdentifyPrimAutomatic to find the cells, provided you have “Fill holes…” set to “Yes.” If the rings are darker, then you’ll want to use ImageMath to invert the image to make the rings lighter than the background, and then use IdentifyPrimAutomatic to find the cells.

Also, if the cells are circular in shape, you may have success using “Shape” for “Method is distinguish clumped objects…” and “Distance” for “Method to draw dividing lines…”

Hope this helps!