Phase Contrast question


I am very interested in this program as invitrogen have brought out their countess cell counter, and the results leave something to be desired… i was wondering if a pipeline could be made up to count and distinguish between these cells, i know there are problems with bright field and phase contrast but i think there is a fair amount of contrast between the live, dead and background. Could someone make a pipeline to analyse these images or am i wasting my time and should get back to work.

I really appreciate it :smiley: ,

Joel Symons
Barwon Biomedical Research
Geelong Hospital

Hi Joel,

I took a shot at designing a pipeline for your pictures. The primary challenge is distinguishing between the grid lines and the cells, which are both high contrast and similar in intensity, as well as places where the cells overlap the grid. The pipeline I’m attaching is not perfect but I think it forms an adequate starting point for your assay. Let us know what you think!

2009_02_03_PIPE.mat (1.71 KB)