Phase contrast ImageJ neurite tracing

Are there any imageJ plug ins that automate phase contrast images of neurons stained with Crystal Violet?

Is it possible to just invert a phase contrast image and use that with a plug in meant for fluorescent microscopy images?

Theoretically, for NeuriteTracer plugin (Pool et al., 2008) fluorescent images are required to be converted to 8 bit anyway so inversion may work. Only problem being that it requires DAPI images too, previously I have used GFP expressing live cell images and provided with mock images for the DAPI function. It means that you can get a quantification for the neurites but will mean you need to manually count cell number to work out neurite length/cell. (and just ignored what it gives you for cell number from the programme.)

So it’s kind of a half automation workaround.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: