Perpendicular lines

Hi everybody,

i’m trying to use ImageJ for taking measurements for an orthodontic study on radiographs.
i need to:

  • draw a line from point A to point B permanently (by previously selecting the points, not with the straight line tool)
  • draw permanently a perpendicular line starting from a drawn point to another line previously drawn
  • calculate the mid-length of a drawn line and draw a point, use that point to draw another line connecting to a further point

can anyone help me out?
Please talk to me as you were talking to a baby, i have no experience with this software nor any other similar

thank you very much, wish you a happy new year

Dear @Andrprtl,
you could start to check my two scripts here:

An idea of how to draw perpendicular lines, in claw example:

These scripts (in python) works with line points and perpendicular/parallel lines I think that they can be a nice beginning to face your analysis.
If you need more help, please ask.
Happy new year,
Emanuele Martini

P.S.: I’ve read now that you are first experience with coding and software so maybe starting directly with python isn’t easy… if I have time I will try something easier for your problem, but I cannot swear :-/

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