Permission bug in omero.iviewer when selecting Well while in different default group

Hi OME team,

I just ran into a weird permission-related bug in OMERO.iviewer. When a user who has a different default group tries to select a Well’s worth of images and wants to Open With it with iviewer, he/she gets “No image data” in the right-hand panel. When changing the default group to the group that “owns” that data, there’s no problem, and viewing the individual images in the Well also is no problem, so the issue appears to be limited to selecting at the Well-level. And in case it makes a difference, this is a Read-Annotate group.
This gives somewhat bizarre and unexplainable behavior to a user so hopefully it can be resolved easily in a near-future version of iviewer.


I’m having some trouble reproducing this one. I’ve been playing with plates in a read-annotate group that are not owned by the current user nor in their default group. Could you confirm the OMERO.web and OMERO.iviewer versions? Also, could you describe exactly what you’re doing: E.g., select a well’s fields in the bottom-center pane then use the “open with” button under the right-hand “General” tab heading? Any extra detail about the setup and interactions might help us trigger the same issue at our end.

Ha, sorry, managed it now. I’ll file an issue against OMERO.iviewer. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Mark,
Great that it was reproducible. I am on OMERO 5.4.10 and iviewer 0.7.1. Hopefully it’s an easily fixed issue. Just a tiny bit of extra info that may help in resolving: even the owner of the data him/herself when in a different default group, gets that same “No image data” message.

Thanks for reporting this.
The fix was quite small and should be released before too long: