Per-parent means of mask-related objects

My problem is the following:
I identify nuclei and a ring around the nuclei (NucleiObj). To do so I expand the nuclear object (LargerNucleiObj). Then the ring is created with MaskObjects (RingObj).
Now I want to relate the LargerNucleiObj as parent to NucleiObj and RingObj as its child objects.
This is only working with the NucleiObj. The Relateobjects-Module says that LargerNucleiObj and RingObj are already related. Which is fine, but the option “Calculate per-parent means of for all child measurements?” is only available to Parent-Child-Releation created with this Module. At least there is no option in the “ExportToSpreadsheet”-Module. How can I get these means for internally but not explicitly related objects?

Alternatively, how can I relate NucleiObj to RingObj as they are not overlapping by definition?

Thanks for this great program!