Pencil Tool is not working anymore

Dear community member,
I need to draw dots on one of the channel of a composite image (Let say red dots). What I used to do is to use the pencil tool displayed in the macro area and draw the dot in the red channel where it is needed. But since this morning it does not work anymore. Instead, when I use it, it erase the red present on the image.
I am lost; What should I do.
By the way I up-dated Fiji this morning before to start my usual analysis.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


The Pencil draws in the foreground color.
Is it possible the foreground color was changed to black instead of white?

If you double-click on the eyedropper tool you can set the foreground color with the Color Picker. This is what it looks like when the foreground color is white.

Using this setting and the most recent Fiji I was able to draw red lines on the red channel of the Fluorescent Cells sample composite image.


Thanks a lot it was indeed the problem.