Pathological image for skeletonize3d

While investigating a bug report for skeletonize_3d in scikit-image, someone suggested to check whether the Fiji implementation suffered from the same bug. And indeed it does! The attached image contains a 4x4x100 column of white pixels, and it gets completely wiped out by the Skeletonize 3D plugin. (An equivalent 5x5x100 column produced a one-pixel thin 1x1x96 column, as one would expect.)

I’ve raised an issue on the Skeletonize 3D github page, but thought I’d write here also since that repo doesn’t look very active.

Not sure whether there is anything to be done, as it might be a limitation of the algorithm… Hopefully someone with more experience with these algorithms can chime in!

to-skeletonize.tiff (20.2 KB)