Passing commando from Matlab to Fiji



Hey, I have a very special question but it gave me quite a headache today. I’m using ImageJ-Matlab to run an ImageJ instance from matlab. I want to plot different tracks as line ROIs in the original image. I have the track points as a list in matlab. However I can’t get ImageJ to plot a line from Matlab. I tried it for example with:“makeLine”, “x1,y1,x2,y2etc.”); or“makeLine(x1,y2,x2,y2);”);

and several variations in the syntax that I cant remember atm, since “makeLine” was the command shown in the macro recorder when you draw a segmented line by hand. However ImageJ shows an error that there is no such command as “makeLine”. I know that sometimes the commands you have to call from matlab differ to those that the macro recorder shows you (“roiManager(“Add”)” becomes something like “Add to RoiManager”) but I was unable to find another command for drawing a segmented line. Googling or searching this forum also did not help me. Does somebody know a solution to this? or knows where I could maybe find the right command/syntax?