Particles counting and area

i am trying to count the particles by using Threshold and i tried everything but its not working image has lot of nose so can anyone please tell me how to do this.

Hello varun9620,
I have a lot of ‘nose’ also, but people say that it adds character.:grinning:
But seriously, do you just want a count or a size/count? What are your specs, A lot of people have viewed this so I’m sure someone can help.

Hello @smith_robertj
So far people here just viewed this but they did not give me any solution by the way thanks man for repelling. And i want all the specification of these particles like size,area, number of particles etc.
I know how i can analysis single particles but i want to analysis all of them so far i was using Threshold but because of nose its not working. So can u help

Hello again varun9620,
As long as you have only one image I may be able to help.

This procedure is rather lengthy and not very macro friendly so if you have many images it may take awhile. The reason that is so is because of the varied shapes of the cells. If you go down too far on the resolution and because they are biological you would not be able to segment them very well.
Let me know what you think and maybe there is more to do for improvement.
1.430 Aspect/Ratio of image_______ area per cell=12358px