ParticleAnalizer unwelcome window



Hi! I found that an option ParticleAnalyzer.SHOW_ROI_MASKS causes unwelcome window appearing, altough
ParticleAnalyzer.SHOW_OVERLAY_MASKS does not.

val pa = new ParticleAnalyzer(ParticleAnalyzer.SHOW_ROI_MASKS + ParticleAnalyzer.EXCLUDE_EDGE_PARTICLES, 0, rt, 0.0, Double.PositiveInfinity)

such code I think has to be executed without any windows or at least with a method to suppress unwelcome behavior.

P S bug at rc65


setHideOutputImage(true) helps. :slight_smile:


Yes Claus1 there are Manu tutorials around about Java and jython plug in and script Development for ImageJ and Fiji where ParticleAnalyzer object and api are well explained with many useful use cases.


Manu tutorials

For ParticleAnalyzer did not find complete tutorial. Only the source helps. Anyway there is a bug for me. All SHOW_ options have to behave predictably. Someones open window, someones not, someones modify image parameter, another make modifying copy inside. Difficult to use and predict. Ops do not help for me. Very complex and unfriendly Java interface. but still fighting :slight_smile: