Particle detection and counting

Hi everyone. I am working in the field Biophysics and have some problems in analysing the colocalization of two fluorescence signal. I use Fiji to detect and count how many particles in the image, and how many particles are colocalized together (one particle is green, another one is red).
However, the software did not work well, it lost some signals and detected the fake signals as being shown in the attached file (I used the plugin Trackmate to do it, the circle is the place where the software detects the particle). How can we solve this problem? Thank you very much for all the comments and helps.
Merge.tif (878.9 KB)

I can’t realy help you on Fiji because I don’t use it for my spots analysis but I can advise you Icy : which is a open-source software too.
With spot detector and colocalizer or more with SODA you can do interesting things.