Particle count summary doesn't match results

I’m new to ImageJ and am ultimately trying to work out an automated particle count method for some sputtered surfaces we are generating. I have successfully counted particles but I’m confused by the results. I put in an area of .4- infinity um2 and did the count. The summary window tells me I have 420 particles in the sampled area, but the results window shows 840 lines of data. All of those data points are greater than .4um2. Why the discrepancy? How many particles did I really count? Thanks for helping out.

Kent Clark
Medtronic Diabetes
Northridge, CA

I decided to redo the analysis. I didn’t change any parameters. This time the Summary count and Results count match.

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The reason for the discrepancy is probably because the Results window is cumulative. So if you ran Analyze Particles twice, you’ll have two sets of results (420 lines each time) accumulating in the Results window, for a total of 840 lines. To avoid this, you can check the “Clear results” option of Analyze Particles, which clears it out first each time.


Thanks for helping me out. I was wondering why one was twice the other and I had done other runs on the same sample. I’m sure I’ll be back with other questions, I just downloaded Fiji and the BAR update a week ago. I’m making progress.

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