Particle Analyzer questions

Hi, I have a 3D PLLA scaffold scanned with uCT X-rays. I’m looking to find the connectivity of pores within the scaffold. However, I know that doing a ‘Connectivity’ will assume that (beta)b0=1 and b2=0 and it just calculates the b1 from Euler char., x. However I know that my b2 is not equal to 0 as I do have some isolated cavities and my b0=1 as It is one solid piece. How I know this is, if I do not do ‘Purify’ and do ‘Particle Analyser’ I get some b2. After I do ‘Purify’ there is no b2 in any Particle ID.

My question is how Particle Analyser divides a sample into multiple particles with different ID#? My sample has no individual particles. Its just one connected porous structure, like a cake! Is it possible to do a Particle Analyser considering the whole sample as 1 particle?

My idea is to get a real value of b2 in my sample so that I can calculate b1 from Euler char, x from ‘Connectivity’. Essentially, 1-x is b1 - b2 for my sample.

Thank you

How the Particle Analyser labels ‘unique’ unconnected particles?