Parameters on lineage tracking heat map


I have a quick question about the available parameters for generating heat map in lineage tracking in MGX:

Can you tell me what do the different options in Parent Processing do?

Thank you very much!


Hi Minya,

The “Parent Processing” options will only be used when you have “Parents” on the Mesh present and activated (check box in “Mesh” on). There are several use cases where this might be the case.
The most common one is probably to compute the Change of a Measure. For instance Growth as a Change of Cell Area from Mesh1 to Mesh2, where you normally have “Parent Labels” in Mesh2 to track the cell lineages. The Parent processing menu now lets you decide how heat values of different cells with the same parent label will be treated. In my example (Cell Area) you would leave it on “Sum” as you would sum the cell areas of cells that have divided in Mesh2 to compare them with their counterpart in Mesh1. For some different measures it might be more appropriate to use “Average”.

Another example is when you have a Cell Type Labelling (like it’s used in 3D Cell Atlas for the root). Now with cell types it allows you to compute the average of a given measure for all of the cells of that cell type. (Or the “Max”, “Min” or the other options).

I hope this is clear, if not let me know :slight_smile:

This makes perfect sense! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: