Parallel Iterative Deconvolution plugin not working on Fiji

I installed (after unpacking) in the plugins folder of a fresh install of Fiji for MacOs and attempted to deconvolve a stack with a measured psf.
However, I get the following blocking error in the log:

_java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: edu.emory.mathcs.utils.ConcurrencyUtils.submit(Ljava/util/concurrent/Callable;)Ljava/util/concurrent/Future;_
_	at cern.colt.matrix.tfloat.impl.DenseFloatMatrix3D.getMaxLocation(Unknown Source)_
_	at edu.emory.mathcs.restoretools.iterative.psf.FloatPSF3D.<init>(Unknown Source)_
_	at edu.emory.mathcs.restoretools.iterative.psf.FloatPSFMatrix3D.<init>(Unknown Source)_
_	at edu.emory.mathcs.restoretools.iterative.AbstractFloatIterativeDeconvolver3D.<init>(Unknown Source)_
_	at edu.emory.mathcs.restoretools.iterative.mrnsd.MRNSDFloatIterativeDeconvolver3D.<init>(Unknown Source)_
_	at edu.emory.mathcs.restoretools.iterative.ParallelIterativeDeconvolution3D$MainPanel$DeconvolveButtonActionListener$ Source)_
_	at

My system is High Sierra 10.13.1. Does anyone have an idea of where the problem may lie? I can provide links to the test files if necessary. Thanks in advance.

Here an older thread in the ImageJ mailing list with the same problem and a solution by @ctrueden :

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Thanks for the link, I was able to run the plugin after deleting /Applications/

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