Pale and low contrast when overlaying Fluorescence microscopy image on DIC or Phase contrast image

ふHi everyone,

I adjusted the brightness/contrast. Then I overplayed red and green fluorescence image on DIC or phase contrast image which were taken 14 bit monochrome camera. However the combined image was pale and the dark.
I could obtain high contrast combined image with Methamorph. What is the difference between Image J and Methamorph in overlay processing.
Can somebody tell me how to increase the contrast and obtain vivid color image ?

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As far as the difference between ImageJ and Metamorph in this case… I do not know myself.

But in ImageJ - you can always adjust the Brightness & Contrast as needed.

Hope this helps!

eta :slight_smile:

Hi etarena,

Thank you for your kind advise.
I will make some more trial and error. Maybe it may because they have different algorithms in overlaying those images.