Paid Opportunity to develop a custom DL based Real Time image analysis tool

although unfortunately not an expert in image analysis, I have been working with Image J for quite a while, although always barely touching the surface. Long story short I created with my former PI a small startup. One of our big projects is to develop an IVD that detects the formation in real time of cell aggregates over a specific surface. Basically what I was looking for is somebody that could write for me some code that detect in real time this aggregates over the field of view and monitor in real time how they grow (as fluorescence intensity) over time. I don`t think it should be too hard, but I don’t know where to start!

Dear Alessandro,

We have gone through it so as per our understanding you need a program that can detect the aggregation of the cells formations, as per our thought different aggregations have different formations techniques so you want to detect those techniques with some images. Actually, we have lots of expertise in image analysis and Detection or recognition from the real-time streams as well, so we have some queries related to this for a better understanding of the project:-


  1. As you mentioned that the detection it from the image or real-time, so can you please provide us the sample images from which we need to detect the aggregates?
  2. Can you please provide us more detail on cell aggregations formations that we need to detect or also if possible provide some useful links?
  3. As you mentioned that we need to monitor the cell formation for how they are growing so we need to just monitor them or process it as well, please explain it more?

Please respond to these queries at my below shared email address so that we can communicate better.

Hoping for a reply soon.

Thank You
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