Paging behaviour in Thumbnail/Parade

One more usability question/observation before I sign off for the evening.

I setup a dataset that contains 288 images from a study. There are actually 96 ‘main’ images in total. I also have 3 tissue types which I setup key: Tissue, value: Heart/Liver/Kidney. In the Thumbnail view I think it is possible to see 200 images in one go. The remaining 88 are on page 2 (which I can reach if I scroll down).

First issue is that when I filter by key-value my 200 images are reduced to 67. Showing all my heart and kidney images and three liver images. That’s a bit weird, I’d expect to still see up-to 200 images as more page space becomes available, but when I then filter only liver images I see only three images. From a user perspective I then think that there are only three images of liver. Of course if I scroll down I find the paging options and can click ‘2’ to see the rest of the images.

Unfortunately when I click the button, then the filters are forgotten.

I hoped that maybe Parade would solve some of those issues, but actually it is worse, because in this case I can’t even see the paging option.

I’m using Chrome version 85.
along with:

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Yes, I’m afraid the filtering in webclient does have some limitations. The filtering all happens “client-side”, simply showing/hiding the visibility of the images we’ve already loaded into the browser.
This means that it is quite fast, but it doesn’t play well with pagination. To move filtering to the server-side is a big change, but would have other benefits (e.g. could be used in iviewer)

In the meantime, your best option is to simply configure the page size to a larger number. 200 is really quite conservative and you could use 500 or higher without feeling too much slower loading.

You need to set this on the OMERO.web server:

$ omero config set omero.web.page_size 500

This is what we do on idr, e.g.


Thanks Will for the quick and detailed response. Certainly will try the increased page size I think it is an ok short term workaround.

I still think that there are two bugs to report:

  1. Missing pagination in Parade (after setting a filter).
  2. Filter settings ‘forgotten’ when moving to the next page. I guess that ties in with:

Thanks again

I created an issues for 1) and 2)

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks Will, much appreciated.