Own tool libraries as dependencies for imagej plugins



Dear all , @ctrueden

We develop and support number of imagej plugins for our facility users. In order to reuse some code, we have additional maven repositories with “common library” functions. When developing plugins with IDE (e.g. Eclipse), we want to include our them in pom.xml to manage dependencies automatically.

Previously we were doing it using https://jitpack.io service, but it should be a more proper way for it.
If I remember correctly discussion during Learnathon in Dresden this year, “library” projects can be added to maven.imagej.net to be able to use them in “plugin” projects as native imagej dependencies. I guess it means that version of “library” project should be then also annotated in pom-scijava.

The first “library” package we want use as generic dependency is here: https://github.com/ssgpers/java-utils-embl

In future we want make available few more “library” projects, would be nice to have a general guideline how to do it. I somehow could not find relevant document.

Thanks, in advance!


Yes, maven.imagej.net (to be renamed to maven.scijava.org, but same thing: a Maven repository for our community) is available to deploy artifacts.

I have filed a PR enabling Travis CI for your repository:

To enable Travis CI builds, first visit https://travis-ci.com/ and enable your repository for Travis. Then merge the PR, and you should see a build happen. Hopefully successfully. :wink:

After that, I can file another PR adding the encrypted credentials for deployment to maven.imagej.net. Let me know when you’re ready for that.

The documentation (such as it is) is here:

You may also find the Releases page informative.