Overlaying primary, secondary, and tertiary objects together

Dear All,

I am using Cell Profiler to label cells in an image. I have the code to identify all primary, secondary, and tertiary objects. When I run the code, it shows the number of cells of only the primary objects. Is their a way to have Cell Profiler overlay all of them in one image, and count all of them?


I’m unclear what exactly you are asking for- an overlay showing the numbers of all 3? Because IdentifySecondary and IdentifyTertiary rely on seeding from IdentifyPrimary the number of objects of all 3 should (in most cases) be identical. In any case, the data modules (either ExportToSpreadsheet or ExportToDatabase) should have the information that you want about the count of all 3 kinds of objects in each image.

Does that help at all? If not please clarify further- feel free to look here for what we usually request for help diagnosing problems.