Overlay tracks on image data




I have bunch of 3-D tracking data and would overlay them on an image stack.

The functionality I need is:

  • Some sort of table with all the tracks
  • Upon selecting one track, ImageJ’s Hyperstack-viewer (or BigDataViewer) jumps to the Z position of the tracked object in the current time frame and highlights the track position with an overlayed dot.
  • A play button that “plays” the selected track in the sense that it moves the z-position of the image view along with the object’s track and also adapts the dot’s position in xy.

@tinevez, e.g. does MaMuT do this?


TrackScheme does exactly that and is present in MaMuT as well.
For the ‘play’ part, select a cell in TrackScheme and navigate through its lineage with the arrow keys.