Overlay minFeret and Feret onto carbide outlines/mask

The image uploaded is an outline of primary carbide particles in a micrograph. I am performing carbide sizing analysis and when I set my measurements, I made sure to include Feret Diameter.

However, I would also like to display the overlay of the minFeret and Feret measurement on each carbide in the image so I have an indication of where the software took the measurement from. I would like this overlay to be a straight line across the width and length of the particle, but I am unsure on how to do this. I have looked across the forum and found similar posts that include performing convolution filters etc, however, I do not wish to distort the image, just an overlay. I have basic programming knowledge and am unsure on how to perform this.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi @Dan1234,

Did you see this post? Seems quite similar and could be easily adapted to include the minFeret.