Overlay image strobes while drawing

A colleague has run into an issue having just upgraded to the latest version of Fiji (running on Java 1.8 on MacOS Sierra). Her previous Fiji installation was running ImageJ 1.51h (Java 1.6 on OS X 10.9.5).

She routinely needs to draw onto an thresholded image using the brush tool while an overlay image is superimposed over the top - the overlay image is used to guide the drawing. Since upgrading, drawing in this fashion causes the overlay image to strobe on/off as the brush tool is moved during drawing. If the brush is moved over the image without drawing (i.e. not depressing the mouse button), then no strobing occurs.

This overlay strobing issue did not occur prior to upgrade (actually, it’s a dual-boot, so we can still access the previous ImageJ1.51h/Java1.6/OSX10.9.5 setup) and is duplicated on my MacBook Pro (ImageJ v1.51g, Java 1.8, OS X 10.11.6). I made a screencast demonstrating the issue but was unable to upload with this post.

Is there an easy fix to this strobing issue, or is it something to do with Java 1.8? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,