Overflow WARNING in Ilastik

I am using the autocontext workflow in Ilastik. Looking at the log, several times in each run this is popping up:

WARNING roiRequestBatch.py: RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in long_scalars

The results generally look okay. Is this a concern? Is there something I should do to prevent this overflow from occurring?


Hey @Lee_DeHaan,

what version of ilastik are you using? Is there maybe more output that is generated around this message?


I am using the current beta version. I can grab some of the other output around this warning in a day or two. Thanks!

Hi @Lee_DeHaan,

thank you very much for adding the screenshots. With those it was obvious what’s happening.

First of all, this code (thankfully) does not affect anything else than progress reporting - so the computation is not affected by this at all.
I’ve opened a PR that fixes that issue.


Thank you, I’m very glad to hear that!