Outputted images are different sizes

Hi when I output the grid and red channel made from one image the resulting files are of different sizes. This is a problem because I would like to recreate the grid and image using the pixels for each and because the outputted images are different sizes the two do not line up. Is this a bug? Is there a way to correct for this? I included my pipeline the two images that I am outputting the original file and template used to crop the image. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks

PlatePipeLineExample12.cp (17.2 KB)

Yes, this is a known bug unfortunately (see here). It will be fixed for the next release.

Cool thanks Mark I appreciate the assistance. One thing I am trying now is to manually create the grid as they are not lining up as well as I need them to, I noticed the following in the help:
You can display an image of your grid and use the Tools > Show pixel data tool to determine the coordinates of the center of your cell.

Does anyone know how to do this? I have not found this. I am using the windows version. Thanks

The help on this topic is somewhat out of date. Previously, viewing the pixel coordinates was enabled via a menu bar item. For this version, you should see the pixel coordinates at the bottom of the display window as you mouse over the image.

Ahh got you thanks Mark