Output of MeasureObjectIntensity module



Hey there,
I have used CP a lot in the past few weeks… The programm is doing great!

I have a question related to the MeasureObjectIntensity module: If looking at the CP-window for the MOI-module, there is a value named Integrated Intensity. According to the help-function, this value represents the the sum of the pixel intensities in an object. Similarely, the meanIntensity-value corresponds to the average pixel intensity in an object.

However, I have between 20-300 idendified objects/image. Now I don’t know wheater the value I get from CP for IntegratedIntensity and MeanIntensity represents just the sum of all values calculated for each object individually OR wheater the value represents the sum of all numbers calcuated for each obuject divided by the object number.

Could you please explain me, what kind of value CP acctually displays in the MeasureObjectIntesity-window?

thanks a lot


Sorry for the delay in replying! We have hired several new team members and are working hard getting them up to speed.

As you know, MeasureObject modules calculate the values for each INDIVIDUAL object. You can see individual object values using the DataTools > ShowDataOnImage.

Because it’s not practical to show all the measurements for each cell as processing proceeds, the data shown in the display window for each MeasureObject module is the average data for all objects within the image (so the 20-300 objects are individually calculated, then then mean of those values is taken and displayed).

And lastly, both types of data can be exported. When you use DataTools > ExportToExcel you will notice you can export Image data (which will be the same mean value that is shown in the display window) or the individual object values (which will be the same as those shown in the ShowDataOnImage tool, which by the way can be built right into your pipeline using the DisplayDataOnImage module).

In NO case do we take the sum of everything and simply divide by the object number.

Let me know if you have further questions; glad you like the program!