Output of matlab as input of imagej: the edges of image are detected in matlab. how recognize those edges in imagej?

Here is my question: I have a matlab code that can detect edges of a shape. Now I want to imagej to get the image as input with determined edges.
I have set MIJI which is a link between matlab and imagej. But my question is how can I let imagej know those detected regions?
Thanks a lot

so you have an image in matlab and you want to sent it to Fiji/ImageJ?
you can do it with createImage method as:

imp = MIJ.createImage('test', img, 0);

Or what do you mean by “let imagej know those detected regions”?

I need imagej to recognize the edges of my irregular shape before other analyses. I have a matlab code that can detect those edges. The output of the code is the matrix of determined edges. I want the output of the matlab code to be the input of imagej so the edges of the shape are detected. I know hand free tool of imagej do the same but I need to be automated.

Hi @Zeynab_Mousavi

Were you able to figure out a way to detect the edges in Imagej in automated manner?