'out of memory' error message by using SeedUpCellProfiler




I have an ‘out of memory’ error message in the third cycle by using SpeedUpCellProfiler module, I put this module at the end of the cycle after saveimages module. SpeedUpCellProfiler is supposed to clean the memory each cycle since I chose 1 in the first entry of this module .
do you have an idea why I receive the ‘out of memory ‘error message in the third cycle.

Thanks for your help


The solution was to add a line in SpeedUpCellProfiler in order to clear all figures after each cycle.


Thanks for posting your own answer! :smile:

In general, running CellProfiler with most figure windows closed can help substantially with your computer running out of memory. If you go to File > Set Preferences, you can make it convenient to select which windows to display during a run (by choosing to not display ANY windows, or by choosing to have you select which windows to display just before each run).