OSX running out of application memory?!

I’m running 2.2.0 on a MacbookPro mid 2012 with 16GB RAM and I constantly get this “running out of application memory” message from the OS after running my halfway through my analysis. I’m analysing 500 .flex files that are 7.7MB each. What is odd, is that I have done an analysis identical to this before and it worked fine. I can;t scale the images down because I’m analysing small punctae. From what I can tell it’s just the OS pausing the worker activity that just stops the whole pipeline rather that cell profiler giving uo. I can unpause them but they then just go back to being paused.

Is it possible to limit that RAM that cell profiler uses? How can I fix this issue?

Have you tried reducing the number of workers in the preferences menu?

Yeah with 4 instead of 8 but I keep getting the message. I haven’t tried it with just one worker though so I’ll give that a go and report back

Even with one worker, it uses all available RAM…