OS X - Why save a pipeline using: Command Shift S


On the Mac, the convention is to save a file using Command S. Why does CellProfiler use Command Shift S by default?
I am aware that I can change the default program commands using Systems Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.


Hi Bas,
If you hit Command-S, what happens?

When I hit Command S, I see nothing happening.
When a change is made to the file, an asterisk * appears to the filename in my window title bar.
-> Hitting Command Shift S makes the asterisk * go away, just as expected.
-> Hitting Command S does not make the asterisk go away.

Also, hitting Command S does not change the ‘Modified date’ of the original .cp file.

I am using 2.0 for OS X for compatibility reasons.

… and just after I typed this I tested version 2.1 which does not have this problem.
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