OS X Mojave, OpenGL deprecation and Fiji 3D

I know this is a premature post, but we will arrive at these issues within a year or so. Apparently, OpenGL and OpenCL are deprecated in Mojave in favor or Apple’s own Metal wikipedia. We should find out how is Java planning to handle this and how this could impact the 3D features of ImageJ. If I remember correctly, some plugins did depend on JOGL which will most likely stop working on MacOS within a year. Should we make a roadmap and start looking for reasonable solutions?




@radoslaw.ejsmont Sorry I missed this post until now!

In a nutshell, the way ImageJ is going for 3D is the SciView project, which is built on Scenery, which has renderers for both OpenGL and Vulkan, with the Vulkan renderer being preferred for the future. So maybe we can survive the issue? The main casualty would be the old 3D Viewer.

I’m sure @skalarproduktraum has additional opinions he would love to share about Apple and 3D graphics APIs! :grin:


Hi there @radoslaw.ejsmont!

I shall not give in to write a lengthy rant on Apple’s decisions regarding the (dis)use of sane graphics APIs, as it’d only get me in a very bad mood… :smiley:

Anyway, as @ctrueden mentioned, SciView supports both OpenGL and Vulkan, and we’re in the process of making Vulkan work on OSX via MoltenVK, which is a neat and recently-opensourced library that translates Vulkan calls to Apple’s proprietary Metal API.

Regarding OpenCL, the long-term plan of the Khronos Group is to merge Vulkan and OpenCL together, see e.g. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14383296 – this has already started a bit with OpenCL 2.2 being able to consume SPIR-V bytecode, which is the same intermediate language that Vulkan uses for shaders.

If you have any questions regarding how to convert any of your existing plugins, let us know, happy to discuss :+1: