Orthogonal Views averaging multiple horizontal planes

I have a stack of OCT B-scan images, and I would like to average multiple slices over the Y-axis. Essentially, I would like something similar to the Orthogonal Views, but instead of visualizing a single XZ slice it should visualize the average of multiple slices. I don’t seem to find a way to do that in ImageJ. Is it possible?

I believe you should be able to do this by first re-slicing the stack and then plotting the Z-profile. Both operations are listed under Image > Stacks.

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I introduce a plugin which I developed.
It can set Line width and create “Max” projected image.
If you need to display the averaged image, it may not be usable…

Please download and try it.




Hi hwada, thank you for sharing it. Your plugin would exactly be what I need if it displayed the average (or a summation) of the projected images. Any chance that you could share the source code so I could adapt it for my needs?

Hi AndreaC,

I updated and uploaded the plugin.
This version has selecting function of projection method.
Actually averaging method was already in the code, so I just added UI.


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