Orthanc Integration into Fiji (DICOM network)

Hi there,

For all users working with DICOMs in Fiji, we are pleased to announce new plugins for Orthanc integration in Fiji.

Orthanc is a free and open source PACS and DICOM server, developed by the university of Liege in Belgium (see http://www.orthanc-server.com/) which can be fully driven by Restful APIs.

As part of our free PET/CT viewer project (http://petctviewer.org) we released several plugins to integrate Orthanc in Fiji as :

  • Beth Israel Database : To read Orthanc server and load DICOM images from Orthanc into Fiji for image processing. You can also manage Orthanc server by deleting stored DICOM.

  • Orthanc Import : Allows a mass import of DICOMs file to Orthanc (recursive scan of a folder and send DICOMs to Orthanc server)

  • Orthanc Query : Allows to Query/Retrieve remote DICOM workstation declared in Orthanc server

  • Orthanc Anonymize : Allows to Anonymize which handles the anonymization of 200 dicoms tags in a simple interface (with batch processing) and allows to share DICOMs (local ZIP, Dicom send, FTP/SFTP, Webdav).

Extensive documentations to install Orthanc and use our plugins are provided here :


These plugins are accessible out of the box from the PET/CT update site (https://sites.imagej.net/Ilan/)

All these plugins should give a powerful and smooth integration of the free and open source Orthanc PACS system, allowing the community to transfer data from a DICOM network directly into Fiji with a lot of additional services.

In short, using Fiji should be now as smooth as commercial workstations to work in a DICOM network.

Best regards,

Salim Kanoun, Ilan Tal and Anousone Vongsalat

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