Order of groups is lexicographically even for meta data, but meta data is not zero-prefixed?



I don’t know if I’m making a mistake here, or if this is a bug:
I have a time series in a multi-page TIFF file. I load it and extract meta data. CellProfiler detects “T” as the time points. But in the grouping module, when I group by “T”, the order is:
1 10 11 12 ...
This seems to be the wrong order, and I’m afraid tracking will be messed up?

So I thought to be clever, and set the meta data parser to “Integer” for the value “T”. But not so clever: it does not change the ordering to integer comparison? How can I get an integer-value-based sorting?


Ok, this is interesting. I have disabled grouping, and re-enabled it a while later, and now the ordering was correct for a moment. A few clicks in the GUI later, the ordering is wrong again. Something is weird with the grouping module :slight_smile:

Whats also interesting: if I change grouping to another value like channel, and want to change back to time point, it keeps on showing channel. I can not switch back. To make it work again I can run the analysis, and stop, and then it shows time point correctly again. See attached screenshot:



I am facing to the same issue. I found your post on forum, but there is no solution written.
Did you solve your problem at the end.
Thanks a lot. Best,


If you extract whatever information (well column, timepoint, etc) as a piece of Metadata in the Metadata module, set the Metadata data type for that value to “Integer”, and then in the NamesAndTypes module use “Metadata” as the “Image set matching method” (and pick your integer-containing metadata), this should work in both CP 2.2 (first image) and 3.0 (second image). All 3 steps (extract metadata, set as integer, use as image set matching method) must be present to work in my hands.

Hope that helps!