Orbit support of OMERO 5.6

Dear all,

recently we startet an OMERO server at our institute and already after two weeks people got used to orbit. Now I upgraded to OMERO 5.6 and we realize that login via orbit is not possible any more.
“Error: Couldn’t log in, Check your user name and password. Check to see if Caps Lock is turned on”.
username and pw is correct. Thus I guess that atm orbit does not support omero 5.6.
Is there an upgrade planned?


Dear @Jonas,
thanks a lot for using Orbit and Omero. The current version of Orbit only works with Omero 5.5.x and not 5.6.x.
However, we will release a new version soon which will work with Omero 5.6.x and/or provide an additional package to make your existing Orbit installation work with Omero 5.6.x. Stay tuned…


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Dear @Manuel,
tank you for the fast answer. Looking forward to it!
Best, Jonas

I would also be interested in using Orbit in combination with OMERO 5.6.1 for a screen. :smiley:
Do you already have an idea when you will release a new version?

Hi Thomas,

Manuel and I made the changes needed to support OMERO 5.6.1 yesterday. I’m now working on updating our build system, and testing the artifacts ready to make a release. So if all goes to plan I would hope to have something out before the Easter holidays. It will also include some other improvements. Keep track of the Orbit tag in the forum to watch for the release notification :smiley:



Hi Jon,
that are really good news. I am looking forward to the new release. In the meanwhile I will test Orbit in the local mode.

Good luck with the release.

it’s out now, see here.