Orbit @ NEUBIAS2020?

Dear @mstritt, dear Orbit users:

If you are present at this year’s NEUBIAS symposium, I’d love to get in touch to discuss how you use Orbit. We are currently planning to update our fairly old OMERO 5.4 installation, would like to offer Orbit to our users, and it would be great to hear about your experience.

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Dear @monomeric,
that’s great plans - we’ll get that running!
Due to parental duties I could not join NEUBIAS2020, however we could offer you a video call on Friday afternoon? Please drop me a PM to schedule a slot.

The current Orbit version needs Omero 5.5.x and will - out of the box - not work with Omero 5.4.x. However, we can show you how to build an Orbit version for a special Omero version - it’s not too hard.


Dear @mstritt:

Thanks for your reply. We currently have a testing system running, based on OMERO 5.5 and are waiting for Orbit to support 5.6 before proceeding. We can have a telco, I‘ll PM you about details, but not this Friday… :slight_smile:

I was hoping to be able to also discuss with current users who may be present at the meeting.

sure - OMERO 5.5 works out of the box and OMERO 5.6 soon with the next release.
let’s have a VC about that.

Maybe you meet some guys from uni basel who have experience with it?