Optimal hardware?



CellProfiler is truly impressive. I made more progress setting up a functional pipeline in one day than I did in weeks of tweaking a macro in ImagePro.

What’s an “optimal” hardware setup for CellProfiler (without breaking the bank)? I’d like to process about 1000 images per day and each one is currently taking about 100 secs on a 1.2 GHz PC running XP. Should I set up a cluster, or could a faster system and/or one with more RAM and/or one with a different OS probably handle this?


  • David


Hello David,
We are glad to hear that CellProfiler is working well for you. I would recommend using a computing cluster for your analysis. If your IT department has a cluster available for you, this will complete your analysis much sooner than running the pipeline on a stand-alone desktop.



Thanks for the very rapid reply. I’ll follow your advice. We don’t have a cluster now, but I think our IT guys would appreciate the challenge of setting one up (it would be a nice change from trouble-shooting printer server and email problems all day).