Optical Flow of Granular Bodies



Hi there everyone!!

I have a quick question for those with some experience in optical flow.

I would like to obtain some motion parameters from cells recorded in phase contrast movies.
I am interest in both direction of motion and magnitude.

I had a first glance at both PIV analysis and FlowJ that come bundled up with FIJI.
I am interested on both the visualization of the velocity field vectors as much as I am interested in a statistical description of motion (e.g average velocity) within a given ROI or entire field of view.

The current outputs I get from both plugins are not exactly what I am looking for, although the PIV analysis does plot some interesting colored pictures, they are not as easy to read as having the vectors drawn. Also, I am not sure how I can extract motion magnitude as a numerical information I could plot over time.

Does anyone has any suggestions regarding this? Is ImageJ really I solution or do I have to turn to Matlab?

Many thanks!!!