Opinions on Code Licencing



That was certainly our intent by choosing CC0 as the content license for the forum. We don’t want any additional IP issues to be created by asking for and receiving help here! That said, as you point out @VolkerH, if someone pastes something here that they didn’t write themselves, which was licensed to them under some particular terms e.g. MIT, then things become more complicated. It’s always good to use common sense and:

  1. If you use code snippets from here, put a comment linking back to the topic, so that tracing the code’s provenance remains more feasible, credit is given, etc.
  2. Ask yourself the main question that really matters in practice: “am I likely to be sued by someone for using/adapting this code into my project”? The vast majority of the time the answer to that question will be “no”, but it’s good to keep it in the back of your mind always.