Ophthalmic fundus fluorescein angiography



Can someone help on “fundus fluorescein angiography” area measurement? It is BW images, where I need to mark an area with freehand kind of tool and measure that area. Looking for fair automated and good repeatability on marking and measurements

Thanks in advance

Jothi Balaji. J


Good day,

sorry but without representative sample images and clear explanations of what you like to see, i.e. how the area in question is defined, we are unable to help you.

Please post at least a typical raw image in the original TIF- or PNG-format. No JPG-format though, because JPG introduces artifacts! You may also post images as Zip-archives.
(Converting a JPG-compressed image to TIFF- or PNG-format doesn’t make sense.)




Many thanks for your quick reply. Currently, all I have JPG format. Let me get the image directly in TIFF / PNG.

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Hi, I have attached few TIFF format pic of the same. All I need to do measure / calculated the total no white/gray pixels present in the particular region. Looking for assistance to measure by the semi-automated way since I want to make sure no artefact are included by fully automated methods. I have also enclosed the sample image marked by us manually