Operations with rules


I think it would be very useful if you could perform operations and transformations on images like in imagemath with the same rules that are used to load the images. You know, for example sum every image with has the text “Identified_blue…”.
Or like convertobjectoimage.This is because I’m having to add some modules several times and can be a bit painful to modify values 30 times.
I guess what I mean is that it would be great if one could choose to define rules to use images instead of picking single images on the modules.

Normally, you would use LoadImages to give images with certain features in the filename a “common name” to use in later CellProfiler modules. Then, the later module’s function will be restricted to just those images you’ve specified in LoadImages. You can define several such sets of named images in LoadImages and thus downstream modules can be told to function just on certain sets of images. It’s unclear to us how that does not solve your problem - Perhaps you could give us an example that would help clarify?

I think that I refered to something like this:
1)I identify several objects with several id.primary modules
2)I want to turn those objects to images
3)I want to multiply each of those images by a value

As I do it now I have to ad the same module over and over (say 20 identy rounds) and it would be easier if I could just say: “Hey CP, please, divide all this images_from_objects by 20”

I think that you are right about that it may be possible saving intermediate iamges and doing the operations with different pipelines but I kind of view it as a bit cumbersome.

By the way, sorry for the first pretty bad explanation (it took myself a while to realize what I wanted to mean by that time hehe). I hope I could moreless clarify it this time.
Regards and thanks