Opening *.vgl single RAW and RAW image stacks

Hi there!
I’m a newbie, and I want to work with ImageJ with CT datasets.
These datasets are stored in a proprietary software format (Volume Graphics *.vgl) with a folder containing the RAW files.
Is there the possibility to open these files? ALready tried with Import/RAW, when I input image size (WxL) I got a fuzzy random black and white pixels, Image/adjust does not help me.
Is there the possibility to post example images in this forum?

Best wishes

OK, I realised that flagging little-endian byte order allows you to correcty import these files easily.

@mading I’m attempting to do the same thing, but I’m not having any success. In the ‘Image Type’ dropdown, what have you selected? Any other settings that needed to be changed before you were able to import?

File/Import/ImageSequence/ select the first image.

-You need to input the image size (WxH) and number.
-Choose the appropriate filetype
-flag “open all files”

you need to know the image size and type
[edit] Unsigned 16 and flagging “little-endian…” worked for my specific images. If you are working with vgl containers, you can easily find these info when you open the .vgl extension with myvgl, for instance.

Okay - so you are not opening directly via the .vol or .vgl files? I had been trying to open from the .vol file as RAW. The alternative I’ve been using (which probably works well enough) is to export a stack from myVGL as tiff images.

I did get this to work with importing RAW (facepalm) - not quite sure what I was doing wrong previously, but now works like a charm. Thanks for the additional info!

Hi there,
I always worked only with the files in the “[vg-data] namefile” folder.

I would love to have a way to open directly the vgl file, but better than that I would appreciate to create such a filetype (including its folders data and project) starting from DICOM or TIFF image stack!

Once I could not open the data linked to the vgl file: they where coded as *.rek. See my post here: Opening extension ....bin.rek CT volumes
Any help in solving this issue will be appreciated