Opening the graphic results of Fraclac analysis

Hi all,
When I save the results of Fraclac analysis through box counting method (to measure the fractal dimension), I cannot open the regression line plot. How can I open the plot or graphic results of Fraclan? What do I need to open them with? I cannot understand the format that the plots are saved.

I would contact the autior of the FracLac plugin which has a dedicated website:

(for the contact scroll down)

@Bio7 You can use the Invite feature of the forum (button on the bottom of each thread) to email relevant people inviting them to join the discussion here. This is the best way to keep things public, and grow/unify the community here so that people get better quality of help. We already did that on a different thread about FracLac started by @sara001, and she (@akarpe01) did respond there.